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Text Us

Text Us

We are usually in the workshop making orders, outside branding or packing finished orders that are ready to ship.

We'd be happy to text or email you back, it just may take a few days so please be patient.

If you want to order by phone, feel free to text us as much information as possible along with an email address.

We will email you confirmation  and an invoice that will allow you to pay online. 

The fastest way to place an order is online.

The Fastest Way to Place an Order

….is online.

We are visual people - artists.

We work from what we see on paper or in print. Whether you order on our website or by text it all ends up 

on paper.

When you place your order online we immediately put it into the production schedule and move forward.  

No delays.

When a person would rather text their order, 

their order will get delayed while we answer emails, 

assemble an order form and process payments -  

all after business hours.

We understand that some people don't like to order online but in actuality whether you do it or we do it, 

it's all online.  

That's just how the world works now.  

There is no physical credit card processing anymore.

Getting Information

Our website is pretty thorough in its information so please use the links to find the answers to your questions or use the contact form below. 

Using the contact form or email is the best & quickest method for sending us a question you cannot find an answer to.  We work at answering these after working hours and usually answer within 1 business day.  

Production Time

We typically manufacture and ship out orders within 2-14 business days, depending on time of year

 and holiday season. 

Rush Orders

 Orders are filled in the order in which they are received - first come, first served. In fairness, we do not accept extra payment to rush orders in front of others who are waiting their  turn. However, let us know your deadline and we will let you know if it is feasible for us to make and ship your product in time to meet your deadline.

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T-Bone Brands

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Our Workshops are located in the USA

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General information: info@tbonebrands.com Quotes: customquotes@tbonebrands.com Text messages: 480-330-3619 Thank you so much for your patience and for supporting an American Small Business!