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Using T-Bone Steak Branding Irons

T-Bone Steak Branding Irons

The Finest HandCrafted Brands Available.

To Use:

While grilling your steak (chicken, burgers, salmon, eggplant, etc.) place the branding iron directly in the coals to heat.   It will take approximately the amount of time it takes to cook one side of the steak to heat up.  After you have flipped your food, using leather gloves or hot pad, pick up the handle end of the branding iron and brand the food using a straight downward motion.  Allow brand to sizzle for a couple of seconds and remove in a straight upward motion.  Allow approximately 30 minutes to cool completely before storing.

The first time you heat the branding iron the paint coating will burn off of the letters.  There is no need to recoat with paint.  When completely cool you can oil the letters with a light coating of vegetable oil if you wish, however this step is not necessary.  T-Bone Branding Irons will naturally weather with age giving them an authentic Western branding iron appearance.


For use on cooked meat only.  If branding of raw meat is attempted, the meat will stick to the brand and pull off.  The desired branding affect will not be achieved. If brand does not seem hot enough, put directly in the flame of gas grill for a couple minutes (or directly in the coals of charcoal grill) and retry.  We suggest several practice trys before impressing the neighbors, in-laws or boss.

When using gas grills, simply heat the brand directly in the flame for a couple minutes then brand as instructed above.

WARNING & Disclaimer:

These branding irons are intended to be heated to very high temperatures.  They will be HOT!  Always use appropriate precautions when handling after they have been heated.  Do not place branding irons on surfaces that can be damaged by heat.  Keep hot irons away from children, people acting like children, pets, clothing or anything else that could possibly melt or burn.

The T-Bone logo brand on the back is your proof that your brand is an Original T-Bone Steak Branding Iron.