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T-Bone Steak Branding Irons

Using T-Bone Steak Branding Irons

T-Bone Steak Branding Irons The Finest HandCrafted Brands Available. To Use: While grilling your steak (chicken, burgers, salmon, eggplant, etc.) place the branding iron directly in the coals to heat.   It will take approximately the amount of time it takes to cook one side of the steak to heat up.  After you have flipped your […]

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Western Brands

How to Read & How to Order How to Read Western Branding Irons:  Western branding irons read from left to right, from top to bottom and outside to inside. Terminology is merely to describe the design aspect of the letters and not a literal representation of the brand owner. Lazy is a letter laid on […]

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