Happy Thanksgiving

T-Bone Brands is joining the many businesses throughout the USA who have chosen to be closed and spend time with our families on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving time if a very special time for the T-Bone Brands family.  It is a time when we celebrate the successes and lives of our family members and friends. It’s also […]

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Memorial Day Coupon

In Honor of Memorial Day we are offering a coupon for 18.68% off everything (except sale items)!  Enter coupon code: 1868 at checkout. Expires 5/30/2014 The First Official Memorial Day May 30, 1868 Do you celebrate Memorial Day? In 1868, Commander in Chief John A. Logan of the grand Army of the Republic issued what […]

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T-Bone Steak Branding Irons

Using T-Bone Steak Branding Irons

T-Bone Steak Branding Irons The Finest HandCrafted Brands Available. To Use: While grilling your steak (chicken, burgers, salmon, eggplant, etc.) place the branding iron directly in the coals to heat.   It will take approximately the amount of time it takes to cook one side of the steak to heat up.  After you have flipped your […]

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