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How to Read & How to Order

How to Read Western Branding Irons: 

Western branding irons read from left to right, from top to bottom and outside to inside. Terminology is merely to describe the design aspect of the letters and not a literal representation of the brand owner.

  • Lazy is a letter laid on its side to the left or right.
  • Crazy is an upside down letter.
  • Reverse is a backwards letter.
  • Bar is a dash or line before, after, between, over or under the letters.
  • Combined is when 2 letters share a common side or upright.
  • Connected are when 2 letters touch.
  • Offset is when one letter is slightly lower and to the side of the other.
  • Hanging is when a letter is hanging from the bottom of another.
  • Rail is a back slash ( \ ).
  • Slash is a forward slash ( / ).
  • Quarter Circle is 1/4 of a circle above, right or left of letters.
  • Rocking is 1/4 of a circle below letters.
  • Swinging is 1/4 of a circle above and touching a letter.
  • Circle is a full circle around 1 letter.
  • Flying is a set of wings on either side of a letter.
  • Tumbling is when a letter is leaning left or right.
  • Rafter is a “roof” over the letters.


How to Order Western Branding Irons:


 You may use a combination of the Western styles listed, however, don’t choose randomly.  Make a sketch on paper before you submit your chosen Western style branding iron design.  When in doubt as to whether your brand is a “Custom” brand or a “Western” brand, please feel free to email us your design for clarification.

Be sure to specify terms such as “over”, “under”, “before”, “after”, “between” & “offset”.  These terms will help determine placement of symbols and letters.

Note that there is a difference between combined and connected.  If your design cannot share a common upright (as combined letters) it will be produced as connected instead.  Intricate combinations can usually be done and fall under our “Custom” brand category.  Please email or fax your design for a quote.

NOTE: All Western branding irons use our standard upper case letters only.  If your design incorporates different letters or fonts you will need to submit your design for a quote prior to ordering.

Important: If you have a specific design in mind, please send a drawing via email or fax.  Every state has its own terminology & brands can be read differently so if no drawing is submitted YOUR design will be left up to OUR interpretation.